Using Typeframes to Create A Teaser Video

3 min read

I'm the first person to tell you that I don't like teaser videos—or generally announcing features before they are available. That being said, we've been working for months on our new Webflow App—a project specifically designed to make waves in the Webflow world. I wanted to get the Webflow community excited for what's to come, so I set out to make a teaser video.

A few weeks prior I had come across a promo video from one of our customers that I thought was particularly slick, so I asked him how it was made. The answer was Typeframes which allows you to make simple promo videos by adding words, images, and some very simple animations to slides or "frames" much like a PowerPoint presentation. The tool will then roll through the slides, syncing the frames with some catchy background music. The product is $29/mo and here's the video that I made...

Now I'm not calling this thing a work of art, but I was able to make this after playing around with the tool for about two hours. With the audio on it's kind of fun and gets you hyped—based on the response on social media, others felt the same way.

Here's a look at the product itself—each of the "frames" is selected on the left hand side of the page, then edited.

It's a pretty cool little tool for basic promo videos.