Updating our Webflow App Listing

3 min read

Webflow is our most important technology partner—Outseta offers a "Webflow App" and thus has a listing on their website. It's important real estate—I can see that website visitors coming to our website from Webflow's spend about twice as long on our site and convert at a higher rate than other customers. The copy on our initial submission focused heavily on what our Webflow App does, and not what Outseta does more broadly. That's the primary thing we're trying to address in updating our listing.

You can see some of the adjustments I made for our V2 submission below. This listing focuses a lot more on Outseta's ability to give your Webflow site authentication and payments tools (what buyers are typically looking for), then speaks to our feature set more broadly.

V2 Submission


All-in-one membership software for Webflow. Payments, authentication, CRM, email & more.


  • Authentication: Email & password, Google Auth, or use Outseta as your SSO provider
  • Payments: Offer free trials, subscriptions, one-time products, per user pricing, and add-ons
  • Leverage powerful CRM, email, help desk, and reporting tools to grow your business
  • Automatically sync data between Outseta and Webflow CMS—no third party tools required
  • Save thousands with payment processing fees that are consistently 1%-4% lower than other membership software providers

The V2 listing is now live on Webflow's site.

Recognize where your most important real estate is online and focus heavily on optimizing it! There's likely a small number of places that really warrant your consistent attention and updates.