Using Transparency to Compete With Bigger Competitors

3 min read

Today's experiement is a quick one—it's a good example of:

1) How you can use current events in your marketing
2) How transparency can help you compete with bigger competitors

I came across a Twitter post where two of the major players in the email marketing space, ConvertKit and Beehiiv, were fighting with one another. Specifically, ConvertKit posted an article basically calling Beehiiv out for poor email deliverability. Beehiiv's CEO responded with this tweet. I decided this was a good opportunity to share Outseta own email deliverability metrics by directly sharing a screenshot of them from our SendGrid account on Twitter.

Transparency builds trust and the truth is our metrics are as good as either of theirs. For our own customers, I think this builds loyalty. And for prospective customers, our name gets out there with some credibility behind it—it introduces us a viable alternative. There's nothing groundbreaking here, but industry news and happenings often present an opportunity for you to join the discussion in a credible way.