How I Got Stripe To Write An Article About Outseta

3 min read

This week Stripe wrote an article about Outseta on their website. Not only is this great PR for Outseta, but it's a great backlink from an SEO perspective.

So what voodoo did I use to pull this off?

In short, none.

When Stripe Tax was launched nearly two years ago, we were looking for a solution to global sales tax compliance for our customers. We immediately looked at the product. The truth was the product was young and difficult for a company like ours to implement—and we gave the Stripe Tax team that feedback.

Over a shared Slack channel and a few video calls, we consistently gave the Stripe team feedback on the approaches we were considering to solve this problem. We talked to them about how we were considering integrating with Merchant of Record solutions. Basically we just kept them in the loop and gave them feedback.

They improved the product—and they made it easier for companies like ours to implement. So when we told their team that we implemented the product directly using their APIs—an approach far more rare than simply integrating with Stripe Billing as most of their customers do—they were ecstatic. They asked us for more feedback on our own implementation. And they eventually came to us asking if they could tell our story.

The learning here is getting coverage like this often takes time, and it often comes from doing something that's truly interesting and validating of the work that the bigger company has done.

Stripe is a blue whale—Outseta is a minnow. Yet they still found time to shine the light on us. Honestly, kudos to them for being awesome.