Hijacking Sign Up Links to Capture Onboarding Feedback

3 min read

This experiment is really simple as was inspired by Ruben Gamez. I was looking to improve our sign up and onboarding processes, as these represent a critical part of the user experience and have the potential to improve the performance of all of our marketing channels. To that end, I updated both of the primary call-to-action buttons on our home page. These usually direct a user to a sign up form, but instead I just redirected users to a landing page with a simple offer.

Record yourself going through the sign up and onboarding process, and we'll give you a month of Outseta for free.

While this temporarily hurt our conversion rates, it gave us really valuable user feedback captured directly from users who were organically going through our sign up process anyway. In less than 24 hours I captured 7 really detailed video walkthroughs of customers going through our onboarding process. These insights are already being used to build a better sign up and onboarding process for all users—which dramatically outweighs the very temporary downsides. I built this page and made these updates in less than 10 minutes—user research doesn't need to be difficult!